Q & A's

Elliot Health System


What does this mean for Physicians and Members of the Medical Staff?

Elliot will continue to have an open medical staff, and relationships with all physicians in good standing and currently serving on the medical staff of the hospitals will continue as before.


What does this mean for Employees?

The most important aspects of employment will not change. Elliot employees will remain Elliot employees, and SNHH employees will remain SNHH employees. All active hospital employees with both organizations (including nurses and physicians), in good standing, will remain employed at competitive wages and benefits.


What does this mean for the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation?

At Elliot, the Mary and John Elliot Foundation will remain a separate entity, and donors’ investments in Elliot Health System will remain local and continue to support the great work and efforts to improve the health of the communities the Elliot serves as before.


What does this mean for Volunteers?

We recognize the crucial role our volunteers play, and this will not change. Both organizations understand that the caring and compassion of hospital volunteers is vitally important to patients, families, communities and both of our organizations.


Why should staff support/look forward to/be supportive of this new enterprise?

For more than 125 years, Elliot has been serving the healthcare needs of the greater Manchester community.  This proposed combination would strengthen and improve our ability to be a provider of choice for the next century. Together as SOLUTIONHEALTH, we hope to grow, expand access to care, attract talented healthcare professionals and deliver care that is defined by high quality, accessibility and value for those we are privileged to serve.