Healthcare Today

Elliot and SNHH are not alone in thoughtfully approaching this type of decision. Across the country, the number of hospital affiliations, partnerships, mergers, joint ventures and other arrangements designed to bring like-minded systems together is growing rapidly. This is the future of healthcare.


In New Hampshire alone, increased partnerships within the past five years have made the environment more challenging for independent health care systems like Elliot and SNHH. In fact, there are fewer than ten independent health systems remaining in our state.


There are many different kinds of partnerships in healthcare today – from clinical alliances to affiliations, joint ventures and mergers. This process is about Elliot and SNHH coming together as SOLUTIONHEALTH to develop a highly coordinated community based regional health care network that will improve and increase access, quality, value and community benefits, while maintaining the affordability of health care in the specific communities served by Elliot and SNHH respectively, and southern New Hampshire as a region.


Throughout this process, the leadership at both Elliot and SNHH have recognized the importance of maintaining local voices and a local board presence under SOLUTIONHEALTH, while taking advantage of the greater opportunities afforded by this relationship. We believe the combination agreement unanimously agreed to by our respective boards accomplishes that vital balance.