Our Story

Bold leadership is required today to ensure the best health care possible for our communities tomorrow and for generations to come. The purpose of coming together as SOLUTIONHEALTH is to strengthen and enhance both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health in a dynamic environment where patient and community needs continue to grow and change. We believe we will evolve to serve our communities’ healthcare needs and interests best by developing a highly coordinated community based regional health care network – SOLUTIONHEALTH - that will improve and increase access, quality, value and community benefits, while maintaining the affordability of health care in the specific communities served by Elliot and Southern respectively, and southern New Hampshire as a region.


The leadership teams of both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH) carefully considered a number of factors in arriving at this decision, including our shared values and vision and a detailed set of guiding principles. Among our considerations:


  • The compatible missions of both Elliot and SNHH;
  • The ability of both organizations to improve patient access to affordable quality care that meets the spectrum of community need;
  • Opportunities to facilitate collaboration and integration that improves care delivery and sharing of best practices;
  • The opportunity to implement and optimize state-of-the-art health care information technology;
  • The ability to collaboratively develop and expand advanced medical and surgical specialty services that provide patients with local access to needed care;
  • Greater access to financial capital to support the charitable and community-focused missions of both organizations;
  • Recognition of the rapidly changing landscape for community-based hospitals, and creating long-term organizational sustainability.