Q & A's

Southern New Hampshire Health System


What Does this Mean for our Employees, Patients and Providers?

How would SOLUTIONHEALTH affect patients’ experience at SNHH and Elliot?

Our patients would continue to work with their clinical care teams and providers to access the services offered within each organization. SOLUTIONHEALTH would enhance their experience to the extent we are able to collaborate on bringing expanded clinical care expertise and sub-specialties to our region based on defined population health needs and opportunities to deliver care locally. Our expectation is that patients would also benefit from our ability to deliver technology advancements that allow them to more easily engage with their providers, such as telehealth and new and emerging platforms to integrate mobile health monitoring and management devices in our patients’ hands.


Looking to the future, SOLUTIONHEALTH promises to provide even greater access and care that meet the needs of our patients. Our shared commitment is to ensure that patients experience no confusion or challenges in receiving the healthcare they need, where and when they need it. Patients who have come to rely on the trusted services of either SNHH or Elliot would continue to be cared for in the compassionate manner they have come to expect.


How would SOLUTIONHEALTH affect our physicians and the medical staff members of our respective hospitals?

Foundation Medical Partners, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center (SNHMC) and Elliot Health System providers would remain employed by their respective organizations and relationships with all physicians in good standing and currently serving on the medical staffs of the respective hospitals would continue as before.


How would SOLUTIONHEALTH affect Foundation Medical Partners providers? SNHMC Providers? Elliot Health providers?

Foundation Medical Partners and Elliot Health System providers would continue to provide patient care within their respective multi-disciplinary groups. SNHMC providers would continue to provide hospital-based care as they have been. It is our intent that provider leaders at both organizations would be able to work together to develop and implement collaborative plans to enhance our collective scope of care and identify opportunities to improve our ability to meet the needs of our patients locally.


Would this new regional system change how staff are employed currently?

Elliot employees would remain Elliot employees. SNHH staff, including Foundation and Medical Center providers and staff, would remain SNHH employees. Staff at both organizations (including nurses and physicians), in good standing, would remain employed at competitive wages and benefits.