The Process

“Our pledge throughout this process is to provide our employees, patients, providers and the public with as much up-to-the minute information as possible, so they can provide valued feedback and learn why we are so excited about coming together and the future of healthcare in New Hampshire.”

  • Douglas Dean, President and CEO Elliot Health System
  • Michael Rose, President and CEO, Southern New Hampshire Health System




The Next Steps in the Process


How does the process work?

Elliot and SNHH began exploring a proposed combination with a Letter of Intent, a non-binding, exclusive commitment to work together to carefully explore how best to align our organizations around a shared vision. We have completed a careful and thorough process known as “due diligence” to negotiate and agree upon a final binding combination agreement to formally join the parties together in an integrated regional healthcare system for New Hampshire.

After thorough review and consideration, each Board has unanimously approved the combination agreement. This means that SNHH and Elliot have entered into a binding agreement to establish SOLUTIONHEALTH as a new New Hampshire voluntary, non-profit corporation which shall serve to combine SNHH and Elliot as a regional healthcare system.

With this announcement, we are now beginning the formal, required regulatory process of seeking state review for our proposed combination. We will also host public meetings to invite questions and obtain input from our communities.


How long will this process take?

The State has 120 days following notice that the parties have reached final agreement to review the proposed transaction. It is our hope that the entire transaction, including obtaining all governmental approvals, would be completed sometime during the first quarter of 2018.


How will information be shared?

With our announcement of the Letter of Intent, and now the announcement of a Combination Agreement to form SOLUTIONHEALTH, we are continuing to engage our valued employees, patients, providers and the public in discussions that provide information, answer questions, as well as invite input and ideas. Our website will continue to be updated as discussions continue, and will include schedules and information for meetings and open forums for the communities to share comments and questions.


How do I comment?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to provide us with your comments and questions.  All documents, releases and other updates will be posted on this website for public review. We will also be posting dates and locations of community forums as we schedule them, so you have ample notice to attend, listen and ask questions. You can also visit the “Your Voice” section of this website to enter your questions or comments.